4 months ago
Past experiences in food shopping were pretty unorganised and chaotic. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to buy…and I mean rough. The reality was that once behind the wheels of the trolley the route around the supermarket would be an endless parade of going up and down each aisle grabbing things that I liked the look of. By the time I got to the till it would be overflowing with packets of convenience food and snacks. The icing on the trolley-cake would be at the checkout whereby something of a chocolate nature would literally throw itself from the shelf and into my trolley….okay, maybe more than one…and okay it didn't throw itself, you get the idea! Joining U fit it was clear that I lot of changes in my life could be made and one of them was the way in which I approached shopping. Talking to my coach we looked at ways that I could gain more control over what I was intending to eat for the week. Rather than go unprepared to the supermarket I would go armed with a shopping list and the commitment that what was on the list was all that could be bought. It took practice and it didn't come easy. With so much on offer in every aisle it was a challenge to stick to the list. Over time I noticed that my shopping trolley was getting emptier as it got to the till and I even resulted in using the smaller trolley! Not only that, I knew what I wanted to eat and what ingredients I needed. It meant that all the convenience meals were gone and the snacks were missing. So, what about the pesky kamikaze chocolate treats? Instead of hitting the bottom of my trolley they now hit the floor as I turn my trolley in the other direction. #ufitfamily #fitspo #fitness #leicester #gym #gains #ufit #gymtime #gainz #workout #getStrong #getfit #justdoit #youcandoit #personaltrainer #cleaneating #noexcuses #ufitleicester #weightlossleicester #ufitstudio #independentwomen #strongisthenewskinny #cleaneating #lose2jeansizes